A review of Lincoln’s iconic coffee spots: The Mill

Photo by @themillcoffeeandtea via Instagram

Growing up on a farm outside of a small town with about 100 people made for not having many opportunities for coffee, pastries, and other café type foods. With little exposure to these types of shops, I never developed a love for coffee until coming to Lincoln. Since coming to college, I have had some opportunities to go to different coffee shops and find the uniqueness of each one.

Just like any coffee shop, The Mill offers a variety of coffee, teas, smoothies, sodas, and even hot cider. This diverse range of drink allows for anyone to find something they will enjoy. I have tried lattes, smoothies, sodas, and the hot cider. All of them were delicious and gave a new sense to coffee shops. Even having the same drink in different locations provided a different feeling. As for food, each location has different pastries or sandwiches. They all offer different types depending on the size of the location, but each location is truly their own with the same central theme throughout. The Mill Coffee also has four locations throughout Lincoln, Nebraska, and each one brings a different uniqueness to the brand.

Photo by @themillcoffeeandtea via Instagram

The Mill on Prescot Avenue is the smallest of the four locations and does not feel like a classic coffee shop. This specific one gives a cozy feel with large windows that radiate the sunlight shining through. Right across the street from Union College, this Mill brings a smaller sense of college life where students can settle in and study for a very long time. In one corner, there is even a spot with vintage furniture that allows customers to just sit back, relax, and enjoy their drink.

The Mill on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s Innovation Campus is a little bigger than The Mill on Prescot Avenue. This Mill has various types of seating to create a vintage and homey environment. Having this diverse seating arrangement makes the experience unique each time someone visits, and that is what I admire about this Mill. This specific location provides the most food for meal options. The Mill at Innovation has large windows, high ceilings, and a larger outdoor seating arrangement which is perfect for spring, summer, and fall weather. At this location, people are often studying, catching up with friends, or just taking a break from their busy schedules.

The Mill on P Street is located in the heart of the Haymarket in downtown Lincoln. Being close the University of Nebraska at Lincoln campus, many students go there to study. There are still various types of people at this Mill. Even though the location is in a busier part of Lincoln, the vibe of this Mill is more reserved and quieter. Chatter can still be heard throughout, but it is more soft-spoken. With darker wood elements, dim lighting, and one central window, this Mill is a cozy place to soak in every moment. The seating at this location is very similar with the same tables and booths. Since there is not a lot of commotion, focusing is easy and relaxed. Towards the back, it is quieter for those who wish to focus.

The last of the locations is The Mill at Telegraph which is by far the largest location. This Mill has lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Despite the number of seats, The Mill at Telegraph is the busiest location and can sometimes be difficult to find an open spot. The wood elements are still apparent at this location and there are plenty of windows to bring in natural light. Many people socialize with one another at this location while working on their studies. This Mill has a very new and current feeling which provides a very studious and contemporary vibe.

Photo by @themillcoffeeandtea via Instagram

In conclusion, all of The Mill locations have something unique to offer. Each one provides a different sense for varied feelings a person might have. Overall, each location is a great place to be and the staff is always friendly, encouraging, and inviting. With the abundant quantity of coffee shops in Lincoln, The Mill locations are a favorite of mine.