The Perks of Working On Campus

Nebraska Wesleyan University is more than a college for the hundreds of student workers employed in the Federal Work Study program. However, the perception of students workers as just desk warmers, differs from the reality of most students experiences. From tasks like keeping the University internet up and running through the Wesleyan IT Students (WITS) program, to helping the University Doctor see patients as a Nurse’s Aid, student workers keep NWU prospering.

Shelby Laguex, a freshman Biology major, is employed in the Student Health Center. Initially she was not sure how likely she was to receive the position, as the Student Health Center does not regularly hire students, and the competition for real healthcare experience is intense. Flexibility of schedule is initially what drew Laguex to the job, as being able to work around her academic responsibilities with no commute time would still give her time to enjoy the many other opportunities on campus.

Her position as a Nurse’s aid is ideal for many of the pre-med majors, as it is possible to retain the job until graduation. Laguex spoke fondly of the nurses she works with, attributing them to her enjoyment of her position. They make Shelby feel more at home on campus, as mentors and maternal figures.

Seth Griger, a sophomore Biology major, says his position at the Wesleyan IT Students program is an “interesting and rewarding experience.” Griger enjoys assisting students and faculty through their technical woes. His job is always changing, as the University implements new technology and systems. Griger’s interactions with students and staff is what he enjoys most in his role. When WITS students aren’t assisting individuals, they are given the opportunity to work on personal projects. Griger spoke highly off WITS ability to engage students in projects to develop greater knowledge about technology, building problem-solving skills.

Ryan Secord, a freshman, enjoys his role as a student worker in the mailroom. Located on the first floor of Smith-Curtis, the mailroom is the heart of campus. In addition to receiving mail on behalf of students, telephone calls are also routed through the mailroom. Secord typically works in the mornings, receiving mail from USPS, entering it to the software program that alerts students of their packages. The mailroom is not immune from the highly dreaded junk mail, which in addition to former student’s mail, is sorted through daily. Secord enjoys working with other students on campus, and meeting new people through his job.

Working on campus provides students with opportunities to grow personally and professionally, while understanding limitations placed on hours and availability from academic schedules.