Protecting the Pack: Wear Your Mask

As students prepared this summer to return to campus for the fall semester, their email inboxes were full of reminders from the President’s and the Student Life Offices about the Nebraska Wesleyan University COVID-19 webpage. Leading this webpage is “COVID-19 Required Health and Safety Practices for Students,” a detailed list of student requirements for health and safety. The first two requirements listed is a campus mask mandate including wearing a mask inside campus classrooms and buildings also outside when in proximity to others.

Following is a photo series of students wearing masks, on campus, outside, in buildings, and in their on-campus residencies. Each photograph captures a moment where students can be seen taking action in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask and following guidelines, while still managing to connect with others and go about their day. Acknowledging that our new normal is difficult, but manageable, is the best step to take toward ending this pandemic.