Commuter Campus Life with Thi Truong

Thi Truong is a first year Pre-Vet major and commuter student at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Before NWU, Truong went to Parkview Christian School, a private school here in Lincoln. When exploring the local options for higher education, Truong said, “[I] chose Wesleyan because it’s a nice school and a pretty small campus”. She also said that she enjoyed the opportunity to create a bond with the professors that is often not found in larger academic institutions.

Truong shared a story about her first few days as a student on campus, “I went to the wrong class on my first day. I went to some Organic Biology [class] or something, when I was supposed to be going to my Bio class.” She remarked that the kindness she felt on campus that day continues to amaze her.

However, her confusion did not end there, “The dining room is so confusing! My first day I didn’t know what to do and the lunch lady was nice and told me how it worked.” Truong stated, “Lunch is super busy, if it goes past a certain time you can’t find anything to eat.” Within her new environment at NWU, she says that she is finding it difficult define her time here as a quintessential college experience, “It feels like high school since I don’t live on campus, I don’t experience campus life.”


Truong is originally from Vietnam and contrasted her experience between her two homes. “Here, people are focused on the world. In Vietnam, they are focused on a certain area. You don’t have a lot of opportunity to see what you like and here you have a lot of opportunity to help your education. There are more options,” she observed.

Looking forward to her future after graduating college, Truong has a general idea of what she would like her life to look like. She stated that after college she would enjoy working in a zoo to get used to continual interactions with animals. Truong is also interested in setting up her own veterinary practice,  “Whenever I save up enough money I would like to travel and have my own emergency room for animals.”