Is Halloween’s Blue Moon an Excuse for All the Adults to Come Out?

If you have ever seen the iconic spooky Disney movie, you will know that Halloween is “all just a bunch of hocus pocus”. Halloween is a celebration way beyond its historical roots and has become one of the most popular holidays people look forward to each year. Individuals want to dress up and having a reason to do it because any other day of the week would be frowned upon. During Halloween, people can choose to be who and whatever they want to be, no explanation required. People can also eat as much candy as they want, as they have a convenient excuse. As children, we are taught that at some point, we will have to stop dressing up because we will be too old for it to be appropriate. However, in our recent generations, more and more young adults have continued celebrating and dressing up for Halloween.

The history behind Halloween is something many people are unfamiliar with. It goes back to the original All Hallows’ Eve, the night before All Hallows’ Day, which is Christian celebration that remembers the dead and departed. While it has been disputed over how exactly the holiday was created, many academics lead back to the obvious religious roots. Dressing up in costumes also connects back to this same day.

However college students have their own opinion on how the strange tradition started. Seth Griger, a junior at Nebraska Wesleyan University explained his take on the holiday, “I’m familiar with the evolution of what started as All Hallows’ Eve. It started as people dressing up in order to scare evil spirits away and make sure they didn’t stick around on the night that they were set free,” he stated.

People would practice the Christian tradition of ‘souling’ where they would drape a cloth over themselves and go door to door to sing and in return receive prayers and treats. This also changed into what Seth mentioned as scaring away the spirits on the Eve of All Hallows’ Day. This tradition of dressing up has carried on and evolved into what we see as Halloween today, becoming more popular among adults than it started out as.

Now, Halloween is seen just as much for children as it is for adults, but is that necessarily a good thing?

“I think that while these holidays may have started out with good intentions, they’ve changed with the times and at this point don’t stand for or represent anything that they used to” said Griger. Halloween is no longer what it once was and in Seth’s view, is just an excuse for adults to drink and party. As kids, we were both taught that adults do not dress up for Halloween, but that has definitely changed as we have grown and gone to college.

Halloween is a huge hit among young adults and while it may not revolve around any of the history as it once did, people love an excuse to have fun, eat candy, and binge as many scary movies as they can, especially with the crazy year of 2020 hindering most social activities. Those who dress up can be who and whatever they want to be, even if it just a bunch of hocus pocus.