BSU Members Speak at MLK Day


Aniaya Reed

BSU members (left to right) Kimberly Tanyaradzwa Nyadongo and Biaya Kayembe stand in front of the projector before getting on stage and giving their speeches. (Aniaya Reed)

On January 20th, 2023, Nebraska Wesleyan University held its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day commemoration in the Great Hall of the Smith-Curtis Administration Building from 12 – 1pm.  


Students, faculty, and staff joined in honor of Martin Luther King who fought for civil rights

Keynote speaker, John Goodwin, spoke at the MLK Day event held at Nebraska Wesleyan. (Aniaya Reed)

for black and brown people from 1954 to 1968. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977 for his progressive efforts to be treated as equals and not inferior.  



The event begun with Candice Howell, Assistant Dean for Student Success, introducing the event. She helped end the event with the Diversity awards. Two students and two faculty staff were nominated. President Darrin Good gave his own speech at the event that acknowledged the struggles the BIPOC community experiences.

The celebration included Keynote speaker John Goodwin, Executive Director of the Malone Center serving underprivileged students and children. He shared his experiences growing up in Chicago and why he decided to move from his origin and make a difference in Lincoln, Nebraska. 



President Darrin Good giving his speech at the commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. (Aniaya Reed)

Representatives from the Black Student Union also spoke at the celebration. Freshman Biaya Kayembe shared his experiences of racism, discrimination, and prejudice he has experienced at NWU and how we all can strive towards building a better community for BIPOC students on campus. He is a member of the men’s soccer team and has created a Black Student Union on campus alongside Ayanna Robinson, another first-year student at NWU. 


International student Kimberly Tanyaradzwa Nyadongo gave the audience some knowledge on how we can do better with her four goals: unity, attention, education, and love. Her advocacy for these goals she believes will help bring awareness and more conversations about race, equity, and inclusion to NWU’s campus.  

Candice Howell introducing the event and the importance of MLK Day. (Aniaya Reed)


MLK Day is held every year at Nebraska Wesleyan to celebrate Dr. King and his accomplishments and achievements as a civil rights leader. We can all gain something from him whether it is about leadership, scholarship or diversity and inclusion. As we approach Black History Month be mindful, open-minded, and curious.