Breanne Geary named new female ARC Representative for SAAC


Breanne Geary sprints off the blocks during a ARC conference meet. (Photo from the Geary family.)

Breanne Geary is a junior at Nebraska Wesleyan this year. She is a short sprinter and long jumper on the track team, she helps run intramurals and is currently the SAAC (Student Athlete-Advisory Committee) Vice President, and the Event Manager for Men and Women’s Soccer. She was elected as ARC (American Rivers Conference) female representative in September.  

We have only had one meeting so far, so I’m still figuring out what my new responsibilities will be,” Geary explained. “From my understanding I will be doing similar things to what our SAAC committee does, but more focused on improving our conference, which will in turn help improve Wesleyan,” Geary said. “Also, I’ll be able to hear what other schools in our conference are doing on their campus and relay those ideas back to our committee. Additionally, I will be part of voting on legislation and be one of the voices that represents our university’s voting decision.” 

Geary is from Kansas City, Missouri and has excelled at Wesleyan University by aiding in athletic events and being a leader on and off the track team. Evan Johnson, President of SAAC, has known Breanne since freshman year at NWU.  

“Bre (Breanne) is a tremendous leader. She has a great work ethic and does everything in her power to make the most of every situation. Geary’s strong character shines through her work,” said Johnson.  

Being elected as the new representative for the ARC has been one of her goals since joining SAAC. She plans on hoping to get re-elected for her senior year.  

“I felt honored to be elected. This is something I have been interested in doing for the past couple years and I’m so excited that I am now able to fill the position. I am very passionate about making a difference and being in this position is another step in doing that,” said Geary.  

As an ARC representative for Wesleyan Breanne must work closely with Johnson and the conference to promote different events. Currently, they have asked teams to record three players for the Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign, which will be held on Instagram from October 18-20th 

“Some things we have planned are having each school film a day in the life and a facilities tour video. We’re also planning on having a Diversity and Inclusion Social Media Campaign,” said Geary. 

Johnson is excited to work with Geary as the other ARC male representative.  

“As the SAAC President and male representative for the ARC, Breanne and I will work together to make sure that NWU student athletes voices’ are heard at the conference level. I have no doubts she will succeed in this position,” said Johnson. 

Geary is also looking forward to making an impact at the conference level. It is another opportunity for her to share her ideas and beliefs.  

“I am looking forward to being able to hear what different schools around our conference are doing and finding ways to implement some of their ideas onto our campus. Vice versa I am looking forward to sharing the ideas our committee comes up with, with the other schools in our conference,” enthused Geary. “I am excited to take on this leadership opportunity and be able to represent our school in this way. I am also looking forward to making connections with different people throughout our conference.” 

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