Alcohol abuse among college students

This is a research project submitted by two Wesleyan students


Many college students consume alcohol every week and over time can lead to chronic diseases. Drinking at an early age hinders human health, the environment, and the necessary social relationships. College students who do not understand these risks are subjected to developing a substance abuse disorder. A major way to avoid this is having a general understanding as to why drinking in excess is detrimental to the human body and much more.  

The stigmas about the use of alcohol on campus can be different from person to person. Some say that you cannot develop an addiction to alcohol while others believe that you can. We as students have all taken alcohol and drug abuse training at some point in our time here at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of drugs can lead to several different health risks and problems in college students leading to loss of effectiveness in human life. These health issues include brain effects, liver effects, and leads to hormonal imbalances in both sexes. Alcohol can cause impairment to a developing brain as well as inflict damage to the liver. In both males and females, alcohol can lead to hormone imbalances which are important to organ, muscle, and bone development. 

Alcoholic beverages can not only cause health issues, but it can also lead to environmental issues such as violence, crime, and carbon emissions. Studies done have proven that per liter of alcohol made, the higher the carbon footprint will be. This creates a rise in temperature globally and hinders the safety of the public. The carbon footprint, however, is not the only detrimental factor to the public. While intoxicated, the human body can partake in many threatening actions such as destruction of property leading to a more societal issue.  

Societal problems can become present if someone is under the influence of alcohol. Some societal problems may include motor vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides, poor social interactions like an increase in aggression and self-disclosure, a decline in academic performance such as grades or focusing on school, and even partaking in risky sexual activity. Everyday over twenty-nine people in the U.S. die in motor vehicle crashes that involve alcohol within the equation. Timewise, that is one death every fifty minutes from crashes alone.  

College students who begin drinking early risk developing an alcohol abuse disorder. The stigmas around college students drinking are not always accurate. Most college students never partake in drinking while others drink every week. Having knowledge about alcohol and the proper ways to use the substance is crucial for young adults. Having this knowledge can help reduce the negative long-term effects on the human body and the world around you. 


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